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The Cheerios Seed Packet Saga - It's OK Michigan!

By now many of us have heard all about the Cheeros seed packet saga. General Mills giving away seed packets so you can plant them and help save the bees, in your own little way. There has been a large backlash for this campaign, however. Many of the seeds in the seed packets are considered invasive species in may parts of the U.S. and these seeds could potentially spark another outbreak or worsen the battle against some of these plants.

In Michigan, though, these seed packets are fine. The biggest culprit is the Forget-Me-Not flower, which is on the invasive species list in some states. In Michigan, there isn't anything to worry about, so plant away. It's a good start to helping the cause.

We would like to thank Cheerios for taking the time and spending the money to run this campaign. Even if it did blow up in their face, mostly due to the inaccurate reporting and social media "sharefest" that ensued, Cheerios is committed to the cause and have sponsored numerous other very successful programs to help pollinators. Their heart was in the right place and we need more corporations to get involved like they do. After all, in the end, this campaign, good or bad, has launched bee plight right back into mainstream media!

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