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Over the years we hear from all sorts of beekeepers about different ways they have been able to treat different problems in their hives. While most of these are NOT scientifically proved, many of these methods have been used by beekeepers for generations and they swear by them. Don't take our word for it, but if you think you want to try something other than a chemical treatment, here are some ideas.

Varroa Mite (Destructor)

  • Oxcilic Acid Treatment

    • 1oz Oxalic Acid

    • 16oz water (hot)

    • 8oz granulated sugar

    • Apply 50-60ml per colony, by pouring mixture in the center of the brood area or spraying heavily, 3 times, one week apart.

  • Powder Sugar Treatment

    • Put powder sugar in a baking sifter

    • pull out each frame of the hive and put a light dusting on the bees. You are not trying to coat the equipment or hive, just the bees.

    • This light coating stimulates the bees to groom each other, which allows them to scrape off the mites on other bees.

    • Make sure you have your screen bottom on when you do these powder treatments.

    • Treat once in spring, once in summer and twice in fall.

    • Treat whether you see mites or not, as a preventative.


  • Tea Tree Oil

    • Put 1-3 drops of tea tree oil in your sugar water feeder in early spring.

    • Keep adding it each time you replace the sugar water in your feeder until temps get above 40 degrees at nigh, consistantly.

    • Treat as a preventative to avoid using chemical.

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