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Bee Swarm Removal

We use the swarm service called SWARMED. You can sign-up to receive messages when someone near you reports a swarm.

If you are reporting that you see a swarm, please report it with the Report a Swarm link to the right.

If you report a swarm and don't hear from anyone within a few hours, please contact our store at 269-665-4300 and let us help!





Is it a true honeybee swarm?

These are what you look for in a true honey bee swarm:


1. Large solid clump of bee's where the bees are very tightly packed together.


2. Generally none of the bees are flying, they should all be very quiet and very docile.


3.Even if touched with a broom or stick, they should not fly away, they should stay clumped together.


4. A bee swarm generally shows up all at once and will remain in place for a few days (sometimes less), then move on.


Honey bees, in warm phase, are almost frozen in place. Even though they look scary, they are the least dangerous when they are swarming.

Swarming occurs when the bee's decide their current home is no longer suitable for the hive, generally because they out grow the hive. They are simply moving around all together, trying to find a new home for their hive.

Below: These are not honey bees.


More times than not, your bee problem is NOT honey bees. So we try hard to make sure that they are, before we drop everything to come get them.



If in doubt, send us a picture of the bee's on a cell phone.

Give us a call and we'll give you the number to send us a cell phone picture of your bee problem, then we can determine if they are actually honey bees.

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