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Losing Weight With Honey

Should Auld Acquaintance Bee Forgot?

Weight loss is the quintessential definition of a New Year's Resolution. This month, the bloated masses are swarming the gym. They hope to drop a few post-holiday pounds, in penance for the enthusiastic consumption of obligatory sugar cookies and pumpkin pies, sugar plums and peanut butter fudge. And, and…

What if you could experience a shrinking of your girth with a natural remedy, simply by ingesting a spoonful of honey before you go to bed each night? Or tighten your belt after forsaking the sugar in your tea for a dollop of pure, pollen-generated goodness? Weight loss is never effortless. But according to nutritionist Mike McInnes, the replacement of your sugar habit with a dose of honey is a tremendous start.

Author of “The Honey Diet”, McInnes opines that the benefits of honey include breaking down the system’s craving for white sugar. An article in DailyMail states that dieters can drop a dress size in just a few weeks by simply replacing all doses of sugar in coffee, tea, cereal, or cooking ingredients, with raw honey. This effort, plus enjoying a spoonful of honey before bedtime, will result in the reduction of sugar cravings, and subsequent loss of body fat.

Raw honey from a local source is preferable over the stuff in the cute bear-shaped jar from the grocery store. Commercially processed honey has beenheated and pasteurized to prevent crystallization. But this removes many of the natural vitamins and enzymes, thus eliminating a number of the health benefits that raw honey offers.

Honey does its good work by giving the liver the perfect balance of what it needs to fuel the brain: glucose and fructose. These elements are available in other foods too, but not without a lot of laboring by the digestive system. states that when the brain receives the nearly effortless nutrition instigated by raw honey, it doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night craving more food. Better yet, the body’s sugar cravings have been sated.

About one tablespoon of honey daily, with the same amount of warm water, may be enough to mobilize stored fat, according to Thanks to its properties of boosting metabolism, honey can help in converting fat to useable energy.

Here are a few suggestions for including honey in a daily schedule:

  • Honey with lemon juice: This might be a good alternative to morning coffee. Cut a fresh lemon in half and drain one half into a cup of warm water. Add a tablespoon of honey, which you will find blends like silk into the mixture. Drink iton an empty stomach for best results. This sweet-and-sour elixir offers all the benefits of honey, including potassium and fiber, along with the Vitamin C punch from the citrus, and its antioxidants, which will melt the toxins that are trapping the fat cells. It has other health benefits, too, such as clearing acne and boosting the immune system.

  • Honey with cinnamon: Mix a tablespoon of each in a cup of warm water. Cinnamon is reputed to regulate blood sugar levels.

  • Honey with yogurt: Take a cup of Greek yogurt and mix a tablespoon of honey. This will ease digestion and offer an ideal mix to promote strength training and muscle recovery.

When contemplating any weight loss program, “everything in moderation” is a good rule of thumb. Consuming too much honey, just like anything else, will cause the system to overload and convert the excess into fat. But with a little judgment, and not too much effort, honey can provide the necessary lift-off over habitual sugar cravings. The results can lead to more energy, which leads to more activity, which leads to more weight loss.

This could be the best type of snowball effectever, especially during the month of January. With a daily dose of pure and natural honey, it’s possible to forget the “auld acquaintance” known as body fat.

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