8 herbs you can grow in water year-round

January 7, 2017

Herb have been around for ages and have been used for medical, aromatic and culinary characteristics. It has never been easier to grow a herb garden and you can start with these 8, easy to grow, herbs that will grow in nothing but water all year long.


Special Note: When you pick a container to put your herb cuttings in, try to choose a dark brown or green bottle (the darker the better), because the plant roots enjoy being in the darkest container possible.


Here are the 8 best herbs to grow in just water, all year long:


Peppermint- bright, well lit area in your home or office.


Basil - Take your cuttings from the original plant before it puts flowers on.


Thyme- When branches start to grow from your cutting, prune your plant to encourage it to blush out. Thyme loves to be pruned.


Rosemary- Cuttings can be slow to show progress because of their woody texture, but keep faith and soon you will see quick sprouting new growth.


Tarragon - Nothing special here, just remember bright, sunny spot.


Spearmint - The same as peppermint!


Oregano - Oregano likes to be pruned too. Give them some love.


Sage - no special care needed, as usual, bright sunny spot.

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