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The bee world can sometimes be "clicky"

Have you asked for help from a beekeeper or club, only to get brushed off or met with a lack of interest in helping you? Don't fret, there are some VERY nice and helpful people out there, however, unfortunately there are people in the bee world that are not interested in anything but their own bee friends and their own projects. You will run into clubs that have no interest in bringing in new people, even though they say they do. You will meet instructors, professors at universities, government officials, even stores that are cold toward new beekeepers and are seemingly uninterested in helping or expanding their network of beekeepers here in Michigan. Don't let this get you down. Keep searching! Keep looking for the groups, the people or that one person who will offer a warm smile and help and genuinely mean it.

When we first started beekeeping, we ran into this all too often and still do to this day, so we just stay clear of those groups and people who never made an attempt to get to know us, to work with us or to help us and we sought out those who did. Now we have a great group of people and organizations that we work with and we are ALWAYS available to help those who need it, whether it's over the phone, in our store, at a club meeting or giving a referral to someone who can help.

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