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Why purchase from Great Lakes Bee Supply

Someone came into our store last year and needed some advice. They purchased their hive equipment at a chain feed store in the area that sells bee hives. They bought all their supplies from this chain farm store and then went home, got it set up and had a few questions. Being new beekeepers, they called this farm store with a few questions and were told, "we're sorry, we only sell the bee supplies, but no one here is actually a beekeeper, so we can't help you". When you purchase supplies from a local shop, you not only get your product, but you get follow-through support. (by the way, we still helped them with their issues and they were very successful this year!)​Another couple came into our store early in the season, they purchased bees from another supplier and the bees were going to be arriving in a few days. They were in a panic because their bees were arriving and it was still snowing out. They had no idea what to do and the people they bought them from were unable to assist them, so they cancelled their previous order and got their bees from us.​We also have had people come into the store that took a beekeeping beginner seminar in the spring and had forgotten some of the things they learned or when it came to actually applying what they had learned, they ended up with questions. You probably can't contact those instructors at that seminar two months after it's over and even if you could, they probably don't want to be contacted 5 times in one week because your bees are sick and something is wrong, right?. Not only do you get a FREE beekeeping class from us, but you get the support after you leave the class, for as long and as many times as you need help.Sometimes it's great to find a deal and save a few bucks buying online, but with beekeeping, chances are you are going to need more help on down the road or maybe even the next year.We offer friendly, knowledgeable support by life-long Master Beekeepers, whether you're 10 minutes or 3 hours away. It's a long term investment and it can be expensive, wouldn't you rather have the support that is just a phone call or short drive away?

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