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How to install your NUC - video here!

Don't forget to visit our online beekeeping course taught by Master Beekeepers and experts in the field. Great Lakes Bee Supply teaches more new beekeeper about the process than any other educator in the Midwest. Every year hundreds of people take our courses to learn the basics about beekeeping. We also offer more advanced classes for those wishing to learn more about queen rearing, splits, mite control and more. 

And of course, with our classes, we're always just a phone call away for help. No VIP memberships, no charge for the help. Our goal is to make more successful beekeepers in the world, one beehive at a time!

"We purchased our bee supplies from a local feed store in March, when it came time to set everything up in May, we had question's. We called the feed store and they told us they couldn't answer our question's because "no one that works here knows anything about bees." Then we found you guys and you were SO helpful, even though we didn't buy our product from you. We will definitely be using you for all our beekeeping needs from now on. Thank you so much for your help and not making a new beekeeper feel like an inconvenience."


Valeria R.

Kalamazoo, MI

"We loved the classes! Thanks so much for making them packed full of information for those with very little time. We especially loved that we could call and speak with someone who knows bees any time we have questions after we've finished the classes. Oh, and the field days are great!  Thanks again for helping the beekeeping community and those of us that are new. Your store was the only place we actually felt welcome as new beekeepers"

Kim & Tom S.

Grand Rapids, MI


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All of our wooden hive products are made right here in Michigan!


Did you have a positive experience at our store? Learned something at one of our classes? Maybe you could tell others about our business to help them decide if they want to visit? It really means a lot to a small business these days!  Click here and give us a Google Review  :)

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