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How's it work?

First:   Contact us and let us know you are interested! It won't commit you to anything, but it allows us to start a conversation :)

Second: If you have a lawn service, let us know what you pay weekly, monthly or annually.  This will help us make sure we reduce your bill.

Third:  Send us photos of your lawn (front, back or all), so we can see what we are dealing you. A rough drawing of lawn layout and demensions would be helpful as well. Also, this is a good time to give us your name, address and contact information if you haven't already, including the address of the property or properties you are considering for new habitat.

Fourth: We need to know what city, township or village you live in, so we can research ordinances and make sure a project will fit with your property and your municipality. If we need to, we may meet with yout municipality to talk with them more about a possible project.

After we have gathered enough information, we will make a plan.

Once the plan is put together, we will sit down with you and go over the details. If everything looks good, we'll get started on the project and you are on your way to spending left time and money on your lawn AND providing quality habitat for pollinators.

Once the project is complete, we'll make some signs for you to display around your building so others can learn about what you have done to benefit pollinators & the environment. A sign that tells everyone you choose LIFE instead of a LAWN!!!

Contact Us HERE

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