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We take donations of sugar, pollen patties, feeders, wax comb or any other beekeeping materials that one may wish to donate to areas hit by natural or other types of disasters.

When hurricanes, flooding, wildfires and other types of disasters occur in the U.S. huge areas of nectar and pollen sources, not to mention the bee hives themselves, are lost. Flooding and high winds can decimate food sources and can displace tens of thousands of hives and bees.

When areas are hit by these types of disasters, we contact State and Local agencies, clubs, associations and relief outlets to send pollen patties, bags of sugar and other supplies to areas that need help. In many cases, the clubs and organizations for hard hit areas contact us too.


It is our way of doing our part to help in a way that can contribute to the overall recovery of an area.

Areas/Projects we have donated to over the years:

Multiple Hurricanes hitting the lower east coast.

Northwest U.S. Wildfires

Hurricane Dorian relief to Bahamas

How does it work?

All you do is visit our website, purchase any items you wish to donate to the fund and add a note to your order that says "Emergency Bee Fund". We will take these items, combine them all together and pack, ship and/or deliver them to different areas that need the help. You may also purchase your own items and drop them off or have them shipped to us to be added to the relief efforts.

Items you purchase at other bee supply stores can be shipped to us at:

Great Lakes Bee Supply

C/O Emergency Bee Fund

33 W. Battle Creek Street

Galesburg, MI 49053

Don't know what to donate? Buy a Gift Certificate and we'll pick out the items most requested and send them for you. Just remember to put "Emergency Bee Fund" when you checkout so we don't end up shipping you the item.

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