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The Kalamazoo 4-H Bee & Pollinator Club meets the 4th Thursday of every month @ 6:30pm at Great Lakes Bee Supply; 33 W. Battle Creek Street in downtown Galesburg.

Each meeting we will learn about new topics and do some sort of activity. Sometimes we take field trips or have quest speakers comes in too. We cover topics related to pollinators such as butterflies, bees, birds, other insects, bats and more. Many of the meetings will focus on Monarch Butterflies and Honeybees.

We will work in our Club Bee Hives when we do any honeybee work. You are NOT required to have your own beehive nor are you required to get in the bee hives. This is just for those who are especially interested in working with honeybees. There will be PLENTY of other projects and opportunities within the club.

Open to all children 9+

Must be a 4-H member....Not a 4-H member? We can help you get signed up. It's only $20/year and there are many additional benefits to being a member besides this bee & pollinaotr club.

Don't live in Kalamazoo County? That's OK, you can still join!  We can help you get dual enrolled.

If you want a bee hive at your home, we would be more than happy to help you get started.

Contact Veronica or Rif for more information.

More information to come!

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